Mostrando las entradas de abril, 2018

Born in tyranny to struggle and to live in freedom.

Hi, I'm Roberto Emmanuel I come to the world today in a place, in a country where a voracious tyranny, a dictatorship that has tried to steal it, and in some cases in fact it has done it, to children like myself the possibility of being born, to grow and develop in freedom and democracy. The situations that we have been facing are very serious, but I know that with the help of my parents, my grandparents, Magaly, Bertha, Noris and Pedro, and from heaven my Chinese grandfather, my great-grandfather Inocente, My uncles, aunts godfather and godmother, Geraldine, Juan Carlos, Jesus, Pedro, Ramon and Adriana, Aunt Charmaine for the great support, my cousins ​​Ariella, Daniela, Aitana, Ayla and Matías, all my family, my parents´s friends that more that than are siblings in life, as well all their friends that I will be knowing them all, we will succeed. I do not want to mention the day of my arrival in the world the painful details about Venezuelan children as