Born in tyranny to struggle and to live in freedom.

Hi, I'm Roberto Emmanuel

I come to the world today in a place, in a country where a voracious tyranny, a dictatorship that has tried to steal it, and in some cases in fact it has done it, to children like myself the possibility of being born, to grow and develop in freedom and democracy.

The situations that we have been facing are very serious, but I know that with the help of my parents, my grandparents, Magaly, Bertha, Noris and Pedro, and from heaven my Chinese grandfather, my great-grandfather Inocente, My uncles, aunts godfather and godmother, Geraldine, Juan Carlos, Jesus, Pedro, Ramon and Adriana, Aunt Charmaine for the great support, my cousins ​​Ariella, Daniela, Aitana, Ayla and Matías, all my family, my parents´s friends that more that than are siblings in life, as well all their friends that I will be knowing them all, we will succeed.

I do not want to mention the day of my arrival in the world the painful details about Venezuelan children as they cannot get food and medicine, that our right to grow and play freely has been limited by unimaginable crime rates, that our education is degraded by ideologies rather than retrograde, criminals, that I will not be able to share directly and with the frequency that I would like and to which I am entitled as a child with my cousins ​​and sons of my parents' friends because they were forced to leave the country due to the absolute destruction of the society.

But you know what? In spite of all that, I am very happy to have been born in Venezuela, and as a plus, in Caracas, the birthplace of many children that like me, have had the chance to be born on this land that during difficult times, the ideas of freedom helped to create the necessary personality to avoid falling into the temptations of evil endorsed by perverse ideologies and, on the contrary, to develop myself and to be a good man that helps his people overcome adversity.

I am born Venezuelan, in Caracas this month of April 2018. It is already a challenge and a blessing, being Venezuelan and from Caracas goes beyond a nationality and a gentile, transcends geographic spaces and other nationalities, is being born with the seeds of freedom although it is done in a hostile environment such is during tyranny, but, like all impostures, it must surrender in front of civility, reason and virtue.

Roberto, for my father and my grandfather who protects me, and will always take care of me from heaven; he was born in Caracas during the first experiments of democracy, his childhood in dictatorship, youth and adulthood in freedom, and his last days back to the tyranny, the one that still stands today; My father, born and raised in freedom, today has to live in the same tyranny in which today I am born.

It is up to me in these times to be born and fight to live again in freedom and so I assume that mission, not only for my grandfather and my father, for all the children who have been deprived of their right to be happy, their health, for their food, for their family, for their childhood.

I know that it will not be easy, nothing in life is nor will it be, in any time or place in which we will be; it is a struggle that is done every day, playing and being free, enjoying the wonders of life, the landscapes, the sunrises, the music, a good talk, the company of  good friends, traveling, studying, understanding as a child first and then understanding the more complex things as I grow up, whenever, wherever and however, always being a good person, a good citizen and with a good attitude,being unique and authentic, never accepting impositions from anybody nor impostures, never quitting the struggle for what is fair, convinced that the efforts, the studies and the preparation are always rewarded, beyond that from other people, mainly in the spiritual personal growth; helping in my house, in my street, in my city, in my country in the world, helping my family, my friends and all the people, facing injustices even if I have to renounce false comforts that favor evil and deception.

Daddy, mommy, grandparents, aunts, cousins ​​and friends, I'm happy to meet you, let's work together to achieve the freedom that all children like me, all Venezuela and the world deserve.

I love you all



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